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At ARCH, clients will begin identifying personal issues and exploring their feelings. However, this awareness is only a beginning. Clients are encouraged to build on existing skills while developing and practicing newly introduced recovery skills.

The program at ARCH encourages change in three ways. First, the client is asked to learn and follow the Rules and Expectations which are designed to promote responsible, dependable and predictable behaviors. Getting up at the expected time each day, making one’s bed, being home by a certain time, maintaining gainful employment; these simple behaviors are often the first things to fall apart as a result of active dependence on alcohol and drugs.

Secondly, action is encouraged at ARCH through development of an individualized treatment plan. The plan includes a contract signed by both the client and his counselor, which is the client’s commitment to change. The counselor assists the client in identifying the areas in which he has strengths and needs. As part of their recovery, clients employ these strengths as avenues to address these needs.

The third means is through interaction with people. Isolation is a prominent symptom with substance dependence. Acquiring new healthy communication skills is essential to successful treatment. The staff and clients of ARCH and the local Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Adult Children of Alcohol (ACA), and Al-Anon communities are available to offer encouragement and support.

When necessary, ARCH will consult with a client’s family and sometimes ask them to participate in family counseling. The goals of this consultation are:

1.) to open lines of communication

2.) to assess the family situation, and

3.) if necessary, to make appropriate referrals

Clients and their families are also encouraged to join Al-Anon or Nar-Anon.

*ARCH provides DUI Evaluations and Driver's Risk Education (DRE) classes which is licensed by the State of Illinois.