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My life had been spiraling out of control for years due to my abusive drinking. I realized that I am an alcoholic because my life became unmanageable. I neglected my responsibilities as an adult. I now realize that to live a positive and productive life, I must eliminate alcohol from my life.                                                                Entering a rehabilitation program is the most positive step that I've ever made in my life. ARCH is a well-organized and constructed program that gives its clients the tools and abilities to live a clean and sober life. One must want to change in order for this transition to take place.

The lifestyle that I'm creating for myself today is one of humbleness and day to day living. I'm practicing and applying new learned behaviors as well as AA meetings, talking with my sponsor, working and saving money. I'm being honest with myself. My self-esteem has grown and I'm more positive. I was challenged to give myself a chance at a fulfilling life and I'm more than satisfied that I am. Gregory, 2015 ARCH graduate 

Hi my name is Ed H. and I'm an addict. My sobriety date is May 9, 2014. What started this journey was years of drug and alcohol abuse from the age of 12. I have spent the majority of my life thus far using to live and living to use drugs and alcohol. Every aspect of my life has been affected by drugs and alcohol in some way or another. At the end of my using, I had been defeated by my addiction...it was jail, institutionalization, or death staring me down. The pain had become greater than the fear of change. I was living in an abandon garage stealing for food and begging for dope. I was faced with the dilemma "What is there to do?" I went to treatment with the mind set that I would have to continue with ongoing treatment to be successful. When I entered residential treatment, I told my counselor that I wanted to go to an extended care residential treatment program. He was shocked to hear someone so willing this early in the game; however this was not my first attempt and I knew success could only be possible if I were willing to go to any length. I was. When I left residential treatment, I continued on to ARCH. I had the ability to learn to be a productive member of society again. ARCH is a very big part of my recovery to this day. I was a resident from June 28, 2014 to November 10, 2014. My treatment at ARCH allowed me to get back on my feet. I built a network of fellow like minded people with recovery in mind. I established a foundation which I stand on today. I reunited with my family. I established a spiritual foundation. I became a employable, responsible part of society. I have since lived in a Recovery Home from November 10, 2014 to April 2015. Currently, I now have my own place with my family, a home group in Granite City, Illinois, friends in recovery and a nice job. I have managed to get my license back. I am working on purchasing a home. I am grateful today for another day clean and sober. Ed, 2014 ARCH graduate                 

My name is Scott H. I was accepted to ARCH on May 14, 2014 after serving a three year period of incarceration for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) at Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center. I really didn't know what to expect upon my arrival. The staff made me feel welcome, but at the same time made it clear what was expected from mas as part of the house.  As with most everyone that comes through the door, I was resistant at first, not seeing what all the rules and classes and paperwork could possibly help me in anyway. I was willing to remain open-minded and give it a real shot.

After sometime went by, I started to understand the "method to the madness." Once I started to open up in group and become an active part of the process, I saw some really positive changes in my attitude and the way I looked at things. It helped me to change my whole life. 

I still attend AA meetings at least two times per week. I have many like minded friends in recovery, some of which also graduated from ARCH. I still go to visit the staff at ARCH on a weekly basis. To this very day, I have structure, discipline and a sense of my responsibility to myself and others as a result of my time spent at ARCH. I would recommend anyone in need of help to seek out the staff at ARCH. I thank them personally for all the help they have given me to start a new, happy and sober life. Stay humble. Scott, 2014 ARCH graduate